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aki ([personal profile] escapewindow) wrote2016-10-29 12:32 am

scriptworker 0.8.2 and 0.7.2

Tl;dr: I shipped scriptworker 0.8.2 (changelog) (github) (pypi) and scriptworker 0.7.2 (changelog) (github) (pypi) last Monday (Oct 24), and am only now getting around to blogging about them.

These are patch releases, and fix the polling loop.

scriptworker 0.8.2

The fix for bug 1310120 - puppet reinstalls scriptworker on every run exposed some scriptworker loop bugs: because puppet was restarting scriptworker regularly, we never had a long-running instance before.

:kmoir and :Callek noticed that signing scriptworker wasn't signing (nagios alerts on stuck queues are pending =\ ). It was clear that while git polling was continuing on its merry way, the task polling was dying fairly quickly. We also needed more logging around fatal exceptions.

I addressed these issues in scriptworker 0.8.2. We also have our third scriptworker contributor, :jlorenzo! (:jlund was #2)

scriptworker 0.7.2

Since we already had the 0.7.1 release to help other scriptworker instance types from having to deal with the churn from pre-1.0 changes, I backported the 0.8.2 fixes to the 0.7.x branch and released 0.7.2 off of it. This involved enough merge conflicts that I'm hoping to avoid too many more 0.7.x releases.