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aki ([personal profile] escapewindow) wrote2016-11-01 11:25 am

scriptworker 0.9.0

I was planning for the 0.9.0 release to revolve around Chain of Trust verification. However, some pexpect async issues reared their ugly head. The fix is in scriptworker 0.9.0 (changelog) (github) (pypi) ; Chain of Trust verification will land in the next release, likely 1.0.0.

scriptworker 0.9.0

While working on the chain of trust verification code, I noticed that more than half the time I'd hit async pexpect errors during testing (we used async pexpect to sign gpg keys in the background).

This was just a personal annoyance until bug 1311111 - please start landing docker-worker pubkeys in gpg repo landed, and production signing scriptworker instances barfed on async pexpect errors.

The solution either called for fixing the upstream bug, or pulling the gpg homedir creation/rebuild out into its own process. We opted for the latter solution; so far this seems to be working much more smoothly.