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Birthdate:Oct 9
Location:San Francisco, California, United States
I play guitar, bass, keys, and sing.
I dance.
I take long pointless walks and photograph things.
I paint abstract textures on canvas.
This makes me a dilettante.

I was an English: Creative Writing major.
This makes me completely exempt from the rules of spelling and grammar.

I work at Mozilla.
Join Mozilla!

I can be found online:

I'm in a band, Pear.
I'm in a band, Jalopy Unlimited.

I'm in a band, dark secret love.
I'm in a band, Black Snake Moan.
I'm in a band, Escape(Window).
I'm in a band, Slave Unit.

Interests (121):

100 bullets, andy goldsworthy, arp 2600, art, artists, beer, being antisocial, black snake moan, body modification, breakbeats, brian michael bendis, burnout, canon lenses, celebrity crushes, cloudy skies, co2, coldwave, comics that aren't marvel, cranes, created mythos, creative jumpstarts, cubanate, cyberpunk, dancers, dancing, dark secret love, dave mckean, david gilmour, david lynch, diy, don hertzfeldt, drum'n'bass, eos5dmkii, escape(window), fast zombies, fennec, fernandes sustainers, fetish wear, firefox, fog machines, found objects, front line assembly, gravity kills, greg rucka, grossing people out, guitar solos, guitars, hammond organs, hating suburbia, hdr photos, home recording, horror, industrial, insomnia, inspiration, jane's addiction, jean-pierre jeunet, kafka, krzysztof kieslowski, lamb of god, limerence, line 6, local bands, looshkin, lords of acid, low budget filmmaking, madden nfl, maemo, mannequins, marilyn manson, marshall stacks, massive attack, mastering, ministry, mixed media, modern dance, moog synths, mozilla, music gear, nine inch nails, no-limit texas hold-em, not fitting in, oakland raiders, obsessions, octavia e butler, one-eyed doll, open studios, orbital, photo walks, pj harvey, pooh bear, portishead, propellerheads reason, pure american metal, radiohead, rammstein, red wine, remixing, romanticism vs cynicism, san francisco, slave unit, slow zombies are silly, social retardation, songwriting, soundtracks, stage lighting, stage presence, starcraft, strip club music, strobe lights, stupid fun, synthesizers, tequila, the beach at night, the creative process, the ocean, the prodigy, trash can percussion, unrequited crushes, vacuum tubes, variax
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