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Feb. 27th, 2015 11:30 pm
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If you're seeing slow page load times, pages not fully loading, missing icons, 'naked' pages (the text of the page only, without any styling, etc): please shift-refresh your browser, clear your browser cache, and then just hang tight. We're switching CDN providers, so your browser may have cached the wrong copy of things.

If the problem hasn't cleared up by tomorrow, then let us know and we'll look into it further!

Changelog Digest for Fri, Feb 27

Feb. 27th, 2015 03:46 pm
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65c25d1: Issue #1239: Remove twitvid.com from embed whitelist
Embeds for twitvid.com no longer work, so remove them from the whitelist.
69779aa: Issue #1185: Bad link on /admin/console/index
Fixes bad console reference link on /admin/console/index.
48b160a: Issue #1126: tweaks to tag nav forward/back arrows
Change tag navigation arrows to use overlay triggered by click.
bebc88e: Issue #1093: further distinguish the mark all read/delete all notifs buttons in inbox when filtered by entry
Changes the button text when inbox is filtered by entry.
ba7daac: Issue #1008: add landing page for /file area
Add a /file page with links to /file/new and /file/edit.
f0d1368: Issue #1246: audit all uses of "http:"
Check for https as well as http; use https for generated URLs.
cbf133d: Issue #1007: Switch emails to use https instead of http for internal links
Use https:// for system-generated links in emails we send.
96d79ca: Issue #1188: Inconsistent behavior between htdocs/admin/fileedit/index.bml and ljlib.pl
Standardize use of $LJ::HOME/htdocs vs $LJ::HTDOCS.
22fef05: Issue #1248: Make sure all pages redirect
Redirect all pages to https very early on in the loading process.
0d56fd4: Issue #1254: Use https for system-generated links when appropriate
Default to $LJ::IS_SSL; takes care of control strip and quick reply.
51b0354: Issue #1117: Use protocol-relative links in head of journal pages
Update APPLE_TOUCH_ICON and OPENID_SERVER for https: in site config.
ef00a9c: Remove redundant code (block.skiplink already prints this out)
Remove duplicated skip link code from Celerity scheme.
e8ee7d8: Issue #1106: Whitelist embeds from Vine
Whitelists vine.co embeds using the simple format, not the postcard format.
bd9d52d: Issue #738: Indicate subject lines in mod queue are truncated by adding "..." back to end
Add "..." to the end of truncated moderation queue subjects.

Changelog Digest for Sat, Feb 21

Feb. 21st, 2015 01:23 pm
kareila: "Mom, I'm hungry." "Hush, I'm coding. You ate yesterday." (coding)
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33dc191: Issue #1004: Switch external site icons to use https if/when possible
Use our https proxy to cache external site icons.
4a4cec6: Issue #871: HTTPS connections for reading content
Add support to the HTML cleaner for proxying insecure journal content.
078df3c: Bug #2152: Multiple stickies
Only add entry to list of stickies if it's not already sticky.
9d5aa91: Issue #1215: Fix some tests
Update some tests to fix lack of extlib support and other issues.
1a066da: Issue #1149: Entry links from an https journal page should be https as well
Update $u->journal_base to generate https links when viewing with https.
8c9661f: Issue #871: HTTPS connections for reading content
Check $LJ::IS_SSL in CleanHTML instead of passing arguments.
2721cb9: Issue #1214: Remove uses of smartmatch
Don't use a recent Perl misfeature, since it causes complaints.
89e967e: Issue #1218: Fix lookup-routing script
Strip any code blocks from redirect arguments before storing/printing.
00461df: Issue #1221: Turn off the style attribute for anonymous comments
Don't allow anonymous comments to use CSS style attributes.
d76fc64: Issue #1221: Turn off the style attribute for anonymous comments
Don't allow anonymous comments to use <font> tags.
1ca7b3f: Issue #1223: Make cleaner closer more intelligently
Try to close tags in the order they were opened, to avoid display problems.
5d34b93: Issue #1213: embedded iframes: mixed content issue
Rewrite http:// video embeds to use protocol relative URLs when possible.
29f36a8: Issue #1222: Site skinned comment pages claim UTC at all times, even when inappropriate
Don't display 'UTC' for entry times with unknown timezone.

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