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Oct. 31st, 2014 06:21 am
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Posted by George R.R. Martin

Amazing week back east.

Thanks to our friends at HBO, we got to see Alan Cummings in CABARET.  Incredible.  The movie is an all time favorite of mine, but this was the first time I've seen it live on stage.  Hard to believe anyone could equal the performance of Joel Grey as the emcee, but Cummings does it... thought his take is very different.  We had great seats too.  A night to remember.

Next day I took off to Providence with Tom Doherty, for an evening at Brown University, where both of us were honored with their new literary award.  I have passed through Providence dozens of times on the Acela, travelling from Boston to NYC, but this was the first time I got off the train.  It's a beautiful city, though, and the Brown campus is gorgeous.  For those of you were not able to attend, here's a video:

 My thanks to the good folks at Brown, and all the students who attended the event and the reception afterwards (which was great fun, albeit too short).  While in Providence, I also got to visit the grave of H.P. Lovecraft... who, sadly, failed to rise from the dead to greet us.

Then it was back to New York, with a brief stop in New Haven for pizza.  This trip we tried Modern Apizza, which has its fans.  Pretty good, I thought, but not as good as Frank Pepe's.

Come the weekend, I spent Saturday with my family in Bayonne.  On Sunday, we had tickets to the Jets game.  The horror, the horror.  What can I possibly say about the Jets game?  The Jets turned over the ball six times.  Could have been eight, but they recovered two of their own fumbles. Geno Smith threw three interceptions in the first quarter alone.  Geno is hopeless.  Rex finally went with Michael Vick, who was better... but Vick is not the answer either.  He's on the downside of his career.  Rex should give Matt Simms a shot.   I miss Sanchez.  I miss Chad Pennington.  I miss Joe Willie Namath.  Anyway, it was a painful morning, made worse by the fact that we seemed to be sitting among the Buffalo fans, all of them cheering wildly every time the Jets screwed up.  (That being said, two of the Buffalo fans were fans of mine.  They said hello when I finally gave up and got up to flee... and refrained from pouring salt in my wounds, which was very kind of them).

Sunday night was much better.  That was the big event at the 92nd Street Y to launch THE WORLD OF ICE AND FIRE.  A full house, and all of them went home with a copy of the book.  Here's the video for that one:


On our last day, I appeared on LATE NIGHT with Seth Meyers, which was a hoot and a half, especially since Amy Poehler was there as well.

Of course, I also signed a thousand books, did interviews with New York magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Al-Jazeera America, and George Stephanopoulos, had dinner with my editors and publishers at Bantam, lunch with HBO, some Papaya King dogs with X-Ray and Mr X, breakfasts with friends from DC Comic, Barnes & Noble, and Simon & Schuster...

And while I was there, I had not one but TWO new books come out, and immediately hit the bestseller lists.

Weeks like that don't come very often.

(Nonetheless, as always, it is great to be back in Santa Fe.  Coming back to New Mexico is always a joy).
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Posted by George R.R. Martin

Follow the link below to enter and win an exclusive HIGHLY RARE boxed edition of TWOIAF today


Sorry USA contestents only :(


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Posted by George R.R. Martin

The long anticipated release of the official untold history of Westeros happens TODAY.

It boasts 300 pages of back story and original artwork by the some of the world's top fantasy illustrators.  This one-of-a-kind coffee table book contains maps, folk lore, detailed family histories, and endless insider information dealing with the world of Westeros.  Providing vividly constructed accounts of epic battles tackled by famous heroes, and their journies before becoming important figures in the Song of Ice and Fire series.
Co written by the illustrious Elio Garcia and Linda Antonsson masters of Westeros.org, the World of Ice and Fire is a true insiders perspective on all things Westeros and a little bit of Essos too.

Here is a quick video:


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Posted by George R.R. Martin

Today Tor is releasing THE ICE DRAGON back out into the wide world with brand new art by LUIS ROYO.


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Changelog Digest for Mon, Oct 20

Oct. 20th, 2014 03:14 pm
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6f135a2: Issue #961: Correct rename token email link format
Fix email message to use correct URL when buying a rename token.
6cccfdc: Issue #826: make admin tool to revoke and xfer rename tokens
Implement console command to revoke a rename token.
9da835c: Issue #665: Convert /entry/new to Foundation
Convert the beta New Entry page to use Foundation/SCSS.
fdb2098: Issue #977: Enable non-logged-in users to post from the new entry page
Open up /entry/new to logged out users.
10fe0fb: Issue #984: perldoc and DW::FormErrors don't play nice.
Whitespace changes to the DW::FormErrors module for the sake of perldoc.
57ff899: Issue #986: create errors component which accepts DW::FormErrors objects
Create an errors component for TT files that don't yet use Foundation.
61ff57c: Issue #986: create errors component which accepts DW::FormErrors objects
Add CSS styling for alert-box on non-Foundation pages.
8d7f3c1: Issue #963: Convert htdocs/support/submit.bml and associated widget to use TT and a controller
Convert support/submit from BML+widget to controller+TT.
34bc6f5: Issue #990: Finish stripping views/rename/swap.tt
English-strip text in /rename/swap.


257b13e: Issue #665: Convert /entry/new to Foundation
Remove code-color override in Tropo SCSS.
dd751e4: Issue #665: Convert /entry/new to Foundation
Fix top (masthead/navigation) bar in Tropo SCSS.
9424b07: Issue #84: Tweak the github bot labelling behavior
Let the bot set curated labels, and don't unlabel newly created issues.
8f7b76a: Issue #986: create errors component which accepts DW::FormErrors objects
Add CSS styling for alert-box on non-Foundation pages.

No Fun

Oct. 20th, 2014 04:28 pm
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Posted by George R.R. Martin

The NFL was certainly the No Fun League for me this week.

The Jets lost on Thursday to the despised New England Patriots.  The Giants lost yesterday to the hated Dallas Cowboys.  So not only did both of my teams go down, but they went down to their most bitter rivals, two teams I loathe.  Gak.

The Jets played a much better game than most expected, it must be said.  Rex Ryan is a terrific coach, but I fear he is going to be fired at the end of this season.  He shouldn't be.  The fault is not his.  The GM has simply not given him enough to work with.  Starting at the QB position.   The Jets are not going anywhere with Geno Smith or Michael Vick behind center.  Bring back Mark Sanchez.  Bring back Chad Pennington.  Bring back Vinnie Testaverde.  Hell, bring back Joe Willie Namath.  Or maybe give Matt Simms a chance...

The Giants... well, losing Victor Cruz was a crippling blow.  Though I do have high hopes for our new WR, Odell Beckham.

But I don't think this is playoff year for either of my teams.

The Jets did make big news over the weekend by trading for Percy Harvin.   He's an explosive player, and they only gave up a 6th round draft choice to get them, so that may help some.   Will it help enough to save Rex Ryan's job?  I fear not, but one can hope.

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