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insect legs
my new painting from last week

close-up of the insect legs )

I like this painting more for the concept rather than the end result. Might be cool to do a number of insect leg pieces. Hundreds of 'em from a single canvas.

Airborne is keeping me from getting a full blown cold. My second of the season.

Played some melancholy piano. Dusty upright acoustic. Sampled piano modules just aren't the same.

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I mentioned a long time ago that I had an artist friend who wanted to just paint rooftops. Just building rooftops, with a lot of sky and chimneys and whatnot. Like the contrary and twisted type, I said he should think about painting the bottoms of buildings: the trash strewn about the sidewalk, the gutters, homeless camped out in front. Title: The Capitol Building. Or a closeup on a red bit of rust: The Golden Gate Bridge. He didn't like that idea. It's stuck with me.

to worms, all buildings look the same )
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Went to get more ink today. Just upper arm black for the tribal, today. Next time he's going to touch up my forearm so he can take pictures for his portfolio. My forearm, pre-touchup:

my blue forearm

Showed Jason S. a pic of Arise, My Children (finished) and a fly-thru on my camera. He thought it was cool. Here's one for you:

arise my children

In music news, Hypersonic arrived and I'm having fun with it. I can totally see people hating the sounds (*peers at [ profile] blackmagic*). You gotta turn it up, and you gotta expect cheesy. Workstation Piano+Strings! Compressed rompler sounds that you have to layer or effect heavily to sound good! ...but that was what I was looking for, actually =P ... It's enough for me to get sounds down that approximate what I want, then I can replace 'em or fuck things up so they sound better later. And this is cheaper and easier to use in Cubase than a hardware workstation.


Mar. 5th, 2004 12:48 am
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one more )
Gonna cut some of that piping, lay down more modeling paste texture, and generally add on to the piece. More black shiny spray paint; I ran out. That's not good.

I think I work better with smaller pieces; this is pretty big. But it looks pretty cool already in camera fly-through.
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graphics amateur does 4-color cover art )

Still gotta do the inside art and spine text, then double check that everything will look good when cut/folded. And leave a white rectangle for the bar code.

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