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Here is my drunken Certificate of Participation review, in tweets.

  • Listening to the new [soon to be released] @slaveunit remix cd & loving it.
  • On track 5 of 11 of the new @slaveunit remix cd and I'm really surprised how well the (once completely disparate) songs fit together.
  • Track 6: what the--? Hee hee, I really threw a monkey in the works. No, I don't mean a wrench =) A poo-flinging, piano-playing monkey.
  • I would pay cash money for this cd. I think I need to chip in for cd costs so Mike prints 200 physical copies instead of 100.
  • There's a *lot* of stuff I love about this cd. And the only thing I hate about it is @slaveunit's face. I threw up a little in my mouth. =D
  • Cracking open a bottle of red and listening again. Because Twitter needs me. And my ramblings are far too coherent currently.
  • So @slaveunit is the best thing, musically, that I have ever been a part of. Here's to you&your songs, Mike. S'truth. Rehearsal rocked too.
  • Yes, sentimental drunk on. Now that I don't have to re-remix Go a 25th time maybe I'll go on a late night #photowalk. After cd ends =)
  • Yup, you read (or skimmed over) corrrectly; Mike only printed 200 of these puppies. Act now!

    [edit] oh... those timestamps are in Tehran's timezone. Oops.


    Apr. 8th, 2008 06:16 pm
    escapewindow: escape window (guitar)
    kyoto is gorgeous. or rather, there's a lot of anonymous town in the middle of which is a LOT OF FUCKING GORGEOUS. i will bludgeon you with pictures when i get back. BLUDGEON.

    esc:w doesn't work in this livejournal update form. WHY CAN'T YOU BE MORE LIKE VIM

    also after my nth mention of ningen-niku my father finally cracked up and said i was gross. it's taken him the better part of 33 1/2 years to figure this out.

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