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Went to get more ink today. Just upper arm black for the tribal, today. Next time he's going to touch up my forearm so he can take pictures for his portfolio. My forearm, pre-touchup:

my blue forearm

Showed Jason S. a pic of Arise, My Children (finished) and a fly-thru on my camera. He thought it was cool. Here's one for you:

arise my children

In music news, Hypersonic arrived and I'm having fun with it. I can totally see people hating the sounds (*peers at [ profile] blackmagic*). You gotta turn it up, and you gotta expect cheesy. Workstation Piano+Strings! Compressed rompler sounds that you have to layer or effect heavily to sound good! ...but that was what I was looking for, actually =P ... It's enough for me to get sounds down that approximate what I want, then I can replace 'em or fuck things up so they sound better later. And this is cheaper and easier to use in Cubase than a hardware workstation.

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[1] Got more ink yesterday. [Tattoo artist] Jason was really excited about it ("Ohhhh, this is gonna be SO COOL"). He wanted to spend the whole day inking me, but I got to the anything-coming-near-my-arm-hurts-like-a-bitch point by the end of it, so I was glad he had a 5 o'clock appointment.

To the left is an image of my arm *before* yesterday's ink... It's gotten a lot busier and really needs the blue to make everything work at this point. That'll be soon though.

[2] Haven't gotten much songwriting done recently. I think I need to go on a listening kick, start buying cds again. Watch movies. Read. Start clubbing again. Find new raw songwriting material.

[3] NetFlix: Band of Brothers : excellent. Way into Don't Say A Word. I bet Brittany Murphy could help me forget. All I have to do is stalk her find some way to meet her and hope she likes self-absorbed losers with weak conversational skills the quiet artist type.

[4] Couple of pics from my parents' hotel room over xmas. Love the water. Stupid for not carrying around my real digicam.

[5] Went to Aaron's. Was fun seeing everyone, though I've been feeling much less into gaming over the past few years.

Had fun playing the caveman game, mostly 'cause Steve kept saying "You might as well kill off all your people so you don't starve as fast" and "What's the use of planting crops? They're just going to get trampled. Might as well lie down and die", making us all giggle. "Yeah, Steve, not much use of doing anything. That's what I say to my boss when I'm lying down in my cube waiting to die."

... Humorous but a touch of truth. Damn malaise. Need to find a way out of this blue funk.

And it was nice seeing the dogs again. They still remember me.

[6] Wings of Joy has a lot of 3/4 in it. Didn't even notice before. Want to listen to more Cranes and Portishead. And Tom Waits. Just that kind of mood.

[7] During one of our walks over xmas break, my mother was feeding some birds in the parking lot. Pigeons and some smaller birds.

The pigeons would chase away the smaller birds when any food came their way. My mother started throwing the trail mix further and further away to try to feed the smaller birds (without any success), when suddenly an unnoticed SUV sped through, its tires rolling over the spot the trail mix had landed a split second before.

Most of the birds got away. The pigeon that got to the trail mix flew right in front of the tires and its body was crushed. ("Oh no!! Kanashi.")

It didn't make a sound, didn't struggle (probably couldn't move its body at all). It lifted its head, blinked, once, twice, then closed its eyes and laid its head down on the pavement. Wished I had taken an .avi of it. Voyeur.

We kept walking through the Presidio. On our way back to the car, we passed by it again. A little girl and boy pointed. "Dead bird!" Their parents agreed and steered them clear of it. I stopped to take a picture.


Nov. 25th, 2003 10:36 am
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Ok, so I'm kinda behind on my pic taking/showing. But this is my arm wrapped in plastic.

[EDIT] cool. looks like my wrist is a stump ;-)

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