Oct. 6th, 2008 02:26 pm
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i think the thing i'm happiest about is that we took a cover that was blah (depeche mode's stripped; we've played it before but it definitely needed a kick in the ass), redid it, and despite the fact that mike was hesitant about doing it since he was singing sans vocal effects (technical difficulties + short soundcheck), the people i heard from loved it.
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black snake moan
black snake moan's final show

everything goes cold
everything goes cold

bella morte
bella morte

bella morte
bella morte





The rest are here. I went for the "delete the obviously unusable ones but keep the borderline shots 'cause I'm lazy" shotgun approach.

jill tracy

Jun. 12th, 2008 11:29 am
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Went to see Jill Tracy last night. Only passingly familiar with her work, but I like it. Surrounded by highly competent musicians. Fascinated with the drummer & Chapman Stick player (which I usually am not that into).

Also surrounded by tons of other photographers, most with pro rigs that made me feel like a poseur with my pro-am setup. Someday.

matty rue
Matty Rue

jill tracy
Jill Tracy


Full set here.

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Picked up an EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS which pretty much rounds out my EF-S lens collection. I figure it's cheaper than trying to round out my EF lens collection, and I'll most likely keep my camera as a 2nd camera if/when I pick up a full frame DSLR.

Where better to test it out? Drove down to the aquarium on Saturday and avoided swapping out lenses for the most part.

sea otter
Missed the sea otters last time. This time I caught them at feeding time.

fresh water otter
Cute fresh water otters again.

Now I'm wondering if the vignette effect is the lens or the lighting or my finger or what.


Rest are here.

Verdict? I miss a lot of the wider angle shots, but I have lenses for that. This lens let me push in a lot closer to those cute otters. And it was a lot easier to shoot around the people crowding in.

I also took it to the Hex Rx show on Sunday, but mostly relied on my trusty show lens there.

I think I need to try it on a photo walk.

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scar tissue
Scar Tissue


The rest are here.

Did you know the Nikon D3 goes to ISO 25600? Eye opening stuff for the low-light photographer struggling to find enough light at ISO 1600.

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That was a fun show. Hardest one to photograph yet, though, between the crowd and lighting.

miss derringer
Miss Derringer

(I've got better lit shots but I just like this one)

The rest are here.

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My name is Aki Sasaki, and I approve this photo.

slave unit

(See the rest of [ profile] elevatordown's photos here. Especially this one.)

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There were a few people with cameras and camcorders in the audience... [ profile] elevatordown pointed out we're now on YouTube.

Remember boys and girls, we're going to be playing in Vegas and SF this Friday and Sunday next, respectively: details.
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Friday, September 14

Slave Unit (myspace)
Missing Blind
plus guests

@ The Divebar (myspace)
3035 E. Tropicana Blvd, Suite E&F
Las Vegas, NV
details TBD


Sunday, September 23

Slave Unit(myspace)from Oakland, CA
TV(myspace)from Hanford, CA
Savi0r(myspace)from Sacramento, CA
Nihil Communication (maybe)(myspace)from San Francisco, CA
Guards of Metropolis(myspace)from Oslo, Norway / Portland, OR

@ Fat City (myspace)
314 11th St
San Francisco, CA
Early show: 4pm (doors at 3:30?); done by 9pm (Dirty Trixx Burlesque)
$5, 21+

Anyone have any suggestions as to places to spam to promote the Vegas show?

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Wednesday, July 11.
Voodoo Lounge.
San Jose.
With Insect and Lost Fawn.
My final Black Snake Moan performance.
I will be GIVING AWAY the infamous HELLO KITTY guitar!

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Perfect weekend so far =)

I was feeling exhausted by mid-week, with flyering, rehearsal, work, insomnia. On Thursday I really enjoyed myself at Meat (best in a long while), which I really needed. But I had to wake up extra early Friday morning, which led to a jittery caffeine-filled day.


We loaded out; I had my usual "oh yeah, this is why I drive this big stupid truck around" moment. Traffic sucked but Lamb of God in your car stereo makes it all better. I was going off of memory on the directions, so I had to call Mike when I found myself at the HP Pavilion and made a U-turn. I really had to pee. It was all the caffeine.

The Claran Lounge is a bar, built-in seating along one long wall, some tables near the back, lots of cushioned stools in the back, couple pool tables, pinball machine. Looked like a fun place to play. And it was.

babyland/slave unit/vtg )

On Saturday I woke in the early afternoon, then spent my tax return on a floor model Virus TI. Roman, the sales guy, was steering me towards the Nord Lead 2x, which I like quite a bit... kinda "that sound is cool" and "I could probably use that sound quite a bit." But the TI kept going "Here's a song idea!" and "Here's another one!" and "If you can't turn this into an amazing song you might as well throw in the towel right now." Hopefully that's true.

And now I'm not so frustrated that Native Instruments are being so slow with their Intel Mac updates. =)

I was going to go see Babyland at 12 Galaxies but I had a beer with dinner and felt soooo sleepy. I'll catch 'em again in April.

The plan for the rest of this 3 day weekend is to continue kicking caffeine yet again, but still get some work done on some Escape(Window) songs.

I think I should go shower now. And find some food. Then write some music.

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i've been

  • battling insomnia.
  • songwriting and deciding on a recording studio with black snake moan.
  • reading voraciously, again. novels. ever since hawai'i. it's been a while since i've read this much.
  • writing for [ profile] rabbitholeday. i'll be cluttering your friends pages soon.
  • feeling even more antisocial than normal. which is kind of normal for me, i suppose.
  • missing the sun. daylight savings kicks in earlier this year... looking forward to it.
  • rehearsing with slave unit. you remember there's a show, right?
  • debating whether to say hi to a cute girl. #5 and my bit have thus far kept me from making a fool of myself.
  • getting sick of my bit and my trips to the dentist. can't wait til the end of february.
  • working on that remix. at this pace it'll be a few weeks.

i made it to the first half of the drop black sky / soil and eclipse show. first time i've tried to take show photos with this camera. it's its own special challenge, with the performers moving, the low light that can turn into bright light suddenly, and the fact that i hate using a flash.

drop black sky
drop black sky.
maybe my 4th time seeing them?
i like them quite a bit.

bad flash
this is why i hate using a flash.

soil and eclipse
soil and eclipse.
i'm 2-3 degrees separated from this band in a number of ways.

more pictures here.

i could have stayed longer but i decided to go in search of dinner and a relatively early night's sleep.


Nov. 6th, 2006 06:31 pm
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Some quick and jumbled thoughts on the Sunday show:

- I was as nervous as I've been for a show in a long, long time.

- That was the first Black Snake Moan show, ever, where I've been complimented more on my guitar playing (many times over) than on my Hello Kitty guitar (not once!) Quite pleased with this, and the overwhelming positive feedback we've received overall.

- I had several fuckups, including two fairly noticeable ones. But overall the show was tight and fun-though-nervewracking. I think I'll be writing a solo for Pinholes and sticking to that from now on.

- Sevin from the band Columbine is cool and way friendly, and his band seems pretty fascinating as well. They didn't play in SF due to the local-showness (instead they joined P9 onstage) but they're playing the rest of the tour; bet they're fun to watch live. I was glad to be able to help them out with some technical issues before the show.

- Haven't heard the album, but judging from the live show, Psyclon has definitely graduated from the hard EBM family with this one.

- Great seeing Finn out. Kind of odd but cool playing in front of people I recognize from clubs, since I tend to go clubbing with my cloak of utter antisocial behavior wrapped tight. Geoffrey and Billy rock. As do all the random people who stopped by to mention how much they enjoyed the set. You're only encouraging us to play more gigs and write more songs, people. I'd have thought you'd have learned your lesson by now.

- Someone grabbed my setlist off the stage right after we finished our set. I think it's cool they wanted it that bad ;-)

- I made sure to thank Devon for the awesome sound after our set. The mix sounded great onstage and I wanted to make sure he knew it was appreciated.

- I was so hyped from the show that I was completely unable to fall asleep until about 6:30am. I think that's the good kind of insomnia.


Oct. 16th, 2006 05:54 pm
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the clouds this morning were beautiful.

bsm @ annies
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johnny v's flyer

to be crossposted to [ profile] blacksnakemoan.

... still have one extra massive attack/dj shadow ticket.
and evidently not much else to say.
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First, two of ours:

Isadora + Black Snake Moan + guests
@ Johnny V's in San Jose
Sunday October 1, $5, 21+

Seraphim Shock + Black Snake Moan
(a House of Voodoo event)
@ Annie's Social Club in San Francisco
Tuesday October 24, cover TBA, 21+

Massive Attack + DJ Shadow this Friday at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. I've never seen Massive Attack but I heart Mezzanine and 100th Window muchly. And DJ Shadow put on a fucking brilliant show the last time. (Yes, they're playing with Paul Oakenfold this Saturday at the Bill Graham, but that place is much too large for my taste.)

Anyway, I've got three (3) extra tickets to the Berkeley show... Let me know if you want to go.

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I was really nervous before this one; I think it was just out of my comfort zone. Our previous gigs (Pound + Blakes) were at venues and in cities that I knew well. This one was unknown.

I think the crowd was kind of just there for the most part... there for the social aspect and not really for music. The people who got into it got really into it though. And a cute girl gave me one of these:

which rocks. Hello Kitty will be to me as Mighty Mouse is to Tommy Lee. I'll have to get a tat and everything.

The next BSM show should be a non-outrageously priced gig in the city late next month. More later.
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drop black sky
drop black sky, dna lounge, sf

[i] I caught the Drop Black Sky show last night after watching the opening acts on the DNA webcam. I've been a fan since the first time I saw them at StudioZ. Bought a copy of their new cd... I'm predicting they'll go far.

A performance painter, Norton Wisdom, painted on a backlit canvas during the first half of their set. It was fascinating watching him take a bold, broad stroke of the brush and texture it into something recognizable in a matter of seconds.

more pics from last night )

[ii] Black Snake Moan will be playing a show at the Pound on Saturday, May 20. We will be unveiling one or two new songs in *addition* to the two new songs we played at our Blake's gig.

According to the Pound SF box office site, the current show info is:

Lizzy Borden
Sinister Farmers Big Machine
Black Snake Moan

Pound SF
Doors 7:30, show 8:30
$20 advance, $25 door
All Ages

... This is the first I've heard about the show's lineup and details; we initially thought it would be a Down Factor show.

I'm pretty sure we can pick up new fans here. And we're all itching to play. We're still trying to find gigs in the Sacramento, Concord, and/or South Bay areas as well.

[iii] My house looks amazing:

my photos

my realtor's photos

I concentrated on particular details that interested/amused me; she concentrated on presenting the entire sense of the house.

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After a week of rehearsals and flyering at clubs and TKK, my 1pm wakeup was decadent but much needed. Comics and Pho rounded out the non-show portion of the day; then it was changing/stretching strings, doing my nails, then off to the rehearsal studio.

green slime
green slime is taking over soundwave ... [!]

...where the lights were out in the freight elevator. Total Aliens killing zone. We managed not to die though, and we loaded up and headed over to Blake's, where I promptly put my camera in my coat pocket and forgot about it for the rest of the night. So one last picture:

alien elevators, unexpected roadies, badger's real name, the show )

I'm completely optimistic that we've already passed the difficult hurdle of attaining our core fanbase; they'll show up to shows and we'll make new fans every time we play. I'm crossing my fingers for hitting consistent triple digit draw by the end of summer. I think it's possible. But right now I'm going to concentrate on improving my own playing and getting back to writing songs.

... After I finish this glass of absinthe and read some more Greg Rucka. Nice lazy Sunday in my three day weekend =)

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