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graphics amateur does 4-color cover art )

Still gotta do the inside art and spine text, then double check that everything will look good when cut/folded. And leave a white rectangle for the bar code.

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yesterday: went to mark's to cut 24bit files. i was sure it would take a couple hours, but mark thought only one, which is funny since everyone calls him up and insists they only need an hour of his time and end up taking two or three. the man hasn't had a day off in a month and a half.

nearly dozed off, and we weren't even cutting drum tracks. played with his epiphone casino (semihollowbody guitar) and wurlitzer, which was really fun. talked portishead and massive attack. asked him if he knew what hardware massive attack used for their bass sound, and mark thought it was just someone playing bass guitar. no way. listening to mezzanine; ok, maybe someone who plays everything perfectly. an amazingly competent bassist who doesn't want to put unnecessary frills and fills in, and doesn't try to go off on [guitar-wannabe] bass guitar solos that make the song lose the bottom end. no way, i say.

if i had a bassist who sounded and played like that, i would SO build a band around them. that or alison shaw's voice. good thing they're already in cool bands, eh?

mark said he'd see me at tino tonight. i should get him a cd of the remix (he wants a copy) and ask him if i owe him more money, since i paid him for an hour and noticed it had been two and a half when i left.

jason's gonna be gone for a couple weeks; will be good to have a break from these 12 songs for a while. should start writing new ones. to keep from getting sick of these, and as an outlet.

seriously need this two day weekend. might cancel rehearsal so i can sleep more, drop the cds off at da5id's, get some artwork done. get some serious r&r time in, as in lazing about like a fuckin' bum. need to do some serious house cleaning too. like always. unhappy sim.

i'm starting to worry how much money it'll cost to ship 1000+ cds to my house. it may actually end up being cheaper to keep most everything online (cdbaby, amazon, couple other places), and ordering copies for people that i want to give copies to, rather than shipping most of them to me, then shipping them individually to various places (friends, djs, labels, etc.). we'll see.

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Oh yeah. If you're curious. Please don't listen using laptop speakers (or even headphones plugged directly into a laptop); apparently we didn't think of that and it sounds crappy without bass for the kick. - The Last Time (album mix). 4mb, 2:55 - The Last Time (Mark Pistel Remix). 6.5mb, 5:36
Stream both tracks.

I'd love to hear your opinion.

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The Boy Who Flew Too Close to the Sun recording sessions, day 10 (final day).

It's kind of sad right now. I mean, it's exciting having my songs recorded and mixed and all. And I'm glad we worked quickly; if I had to go over the same songs for another two weeks I think I woulda gone a bit crazy. But I'm gonna miss Mark.

Not like he's gonna go away or anything. I'll keep in touch. We may need to work on that particular session again for remixes or whatnot, or maybe I'll go back for some other songs. I'll be sure to get him a cd. It's just... I dunno. Good working with him.

I'm really not good at long goodbyes. I think ours was about right.

We fixed Waste Away )
We made some other fixes )
We remixed The Last Time )

And that's it. We said our goodbyes, I loaded my gear into the truck, and then Mark drove off to his dinner party.

I had said at the beginning that I'd be happy with 8 songs completely finished, though we could try to tackle 14 songs, remixes, and mastering if we had time to burn. Ended up with 12 songs I'm happy with, a kickass remix, and a quickly mastered "single". And a good working relationship with a guy I have a lot of respect for. I'd call this a huge success =)

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The Boy Who Flew Too Close to the Sun recording sessions, day 9. This is gonna be a long one; I can feel it. LJ-cut for your sanitary protection. -the mgmt

[EDIT]: Urm. Can't sleep. Editing this entry.

I had bought a firewire/usb2 drive yesterday, so we copied my Pro Tools sessions there and started working off that. Now I need a Mac. Or I'll be dragging that thing back to Mark's every few months... not that I'd mind that.

We fixed stuff. )
Miscellany )
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The Boy Who Flew Too Close to the Sun recording sessions, day 8. I'll have to be brief, since I left my laptop AC adapter at Mark's:

We mixed Peaches in Springtime. )
We mixed Forlorn. )
We fixed stuff. )

Also, someone needs to take Serial Experiment Lain's Protocol episode and make a dance remix from the narrator sections. Neural network. Someone's probably already done it.

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The Boy Who Flew Too Close to the Sun recording sessions, day 7:

We finished The Last Time. )
We mixed Waste Away. )
We mixed Violence. )
I found stuff to fix in Tuesday's dailies. )

Might go to BaGG tonight. Dunno. Maybe Affliction tomorrow instead. Or sit at home and masturbate to my nearly finished mixes. Madden 2003 is slowly losing its deathgrip on my free time, which I think is a good thing. The Sopranos season 2 disc 1 is here, though, which is tempting.

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The Boy Who Flew Too Close to the Sun recording sessions, day 6:

We tweaked Despite. )
We finished mixing Beautiful Dream. )
I asked Mark about his guitar mics. )
We mixed Pure Vitriol. )
We talked about what to do with our 'free' time. )
And another picture of the control room )

Feeling tired and a bit down, but not 'cause of today. Three things make me happy, and I've been living on one and a half of them for a while now. Knowing that one's subject to mood swings and the other might go away in the near future makes me feel a bit edgy.

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The Boy Who Flew Too Close to the Sun recording sessions, day 5. )
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The Boy Who Flew Too Close to the Sun recording sessions, day 4. )

Jason's been stuck in L.A. all week for work. Guess he hasn't picked up advance Infected Mushroom tix. Maybe I'll go to that tomorrow. Maybe I'll go to Counterstrike for the first time. Maybe I'll crash after a long week of recording.

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First off, stuff I've forgotten to mention already.

  • Mark's studio is right next door to Filthmilk's rehearsal room. Go go duct tape cello!
  • Mark was amused by my fifty cent piece picks. First time he's seen that =) ... I suppose I am a bit eccentric.
  • Also, the bathroom is painted this unbelievably harsh orangey-red. I mean, they got it as uncomfortable-feeling of a bathroom that you can get without having puke and feces smeared all over the floor and walls.

Anyway. With that vital information disclosed, I can proceed on to

The Boy Who Flew Too Close to the Sun recording sessions, day 3:

We spent the first half of the day working on drum tracks again. After seeing how long it took to fix a drum track, I decided to just record Peaches and Beautiful Dream (instead of trying to track them live Saturday, then fixing them all day Monday). Laid down guitar tracks for those, laid down the rest of the vocals, then fixed Outro's piano bits.

Boom. We're done with the basic tracks.

I might want to fix certain parts after we hear the in-progress mix, but we're moving on to mixing tomorrow. And I have an idea of how to end the album. Got a beginning and end. The middle's a little fuzzy, but we'll get there =)

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The Boy Who Flew Too Close to the Sun recording sessions, day 2:

Recorded all the guitars, except Beautiful Dream's second half and Peaches in Springtime. Jason and I feed off each other on those tracks, so I want to record them live on Saturday. (We'll see how that goes.)

Managed to wow Mark with my Sustainer. He turned around mid-solo and watched my fingers, watched my feet, but he just couldn't figure out how I was getting the Ebow/controlled feedback sound. Secret weapon baybee. Told him how it works, and he was pretty impressed =)

We worked for a long time on the drum tracks. )

Anyway, we tweaked a few other things, and had 3 or 4 songs ready for mixing by the end of the day.

And they sound amazing. Already. Before mixing.

Kick. Ass.

I think more of that, plus the vocals, tomorrow. (I *still* want some dynamic mic on there... but we'll see after we put some effects on my vox. Maybe record with the tube mic pre distorting a bit.)

I gotta decide if I want to go to BaGG tonight. I think I will... haven't been able to sleep til 2 the past couple nights anyway.

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The Boy Who Flew Too Close to the Sun recording sessions, day 1:

Packed up my rig this morning, then drove across the bridge to the studio. Traffic wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was 40 minutes early, so I drove around for 20 minutes.

Didn't notice last time: the studio has a vending machine that sells guitar strings! )

We spent a lot of time exporting 24 bit tracks off my laptop into his mac, which was expected. But we also managed to track the guitars and vocals for Tension... Release, Insidious Beauty, and Dreamslime. That went so quick (2-3 takes per, with some double tracking) that we think we can get all the basic tracks done this week, and mix next week.


That was actually my first go at singing through a condenser mic. Thought I sounded ass when I was singing (even asked if we could try a track or two with my SM58 comfort zone), but on playback I sounded pretty good. Not sure if it's $3.5k mic good [plus tube preamp], but that's probably due to my voice being what it is.

We talked Napster and Netscape, major labels and Meat Beat Manifesto. Apparently Consolidated's first album came out a month before Down In It (which he calls Up Above It =). [And look at how successful Trent is now, Mark says ;-)] And Jack Dangers taught Trent Reznor how to write drum'n'bass a little bit before the Perfect Drug era. And Jack played with Mark at Mark's gig Sunday, so all of MBM was on stage for that one =)

Coupla pics of the control room )

I'm happy. Great working on something I love all day =)

Think I'll crack open that cabernet and go to sleep earlyish. Gotta track nine songs over the next two days =) =) =)

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public service announcement

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be blathering on about recording and the like over the next few months, at least.

I hope I'm not boring the pants off of you.

If I am, let me know. Or feel free to take me off your friends list. Or just suffer, in silence, gnawing your arm off at the elbow as your brain slowly turns to sludge.

Today I went to Mark's studio for a quick look-see. Gave him a deposit and a cd with the nine songs I have recorded that I wouldn't mind being caught dead with. Hm, that doesn't sound very flattering.

It reminded me of a very important point: Mark isn't god, and we don't suddenly enter bullet time when we go into the studio. He has expertise, equipment, and software I don't have, and for some things I can rely on him for that. But it would be a good thing if I went back over my songs and got them as good as I can beforehand, and identified *precisely* what I want fixed in each song.

80 hours isn't that long when you're talking about 8-14 songs.

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