Jul. 8th, 2016

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Back in 2015 I tried porting configman to python 3, but then I hit a wall with the DotDict __getattr__ hack. I wrote about that here.

For some reason I took another stab at it last week, after leveling up my python3 porting skills. I got the tests green, submitted a PR, which is now merged and released. Woot!
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Mozilla RelEng uses a tool called signtool for its signing. Historically, this has been part of the build/tools repo, which we've been wanting to move away from.

I recently ported build-tools to py3, essentially porting the libraries and unittests but ignoring most of the scripts. Signing in a py3 scriptworker was the impetus behind this. However, after the port, I noticed signtool stopped working; I suspect I had hacked my virtualenv to debug, and something about that got it working in py3.

After getting permission to hard fork signtool, I ported it to use requests, and refactored it a bit to make it a little easier to test. There are still some overly complex functions and I only have 65% test coverage right now, but it's working in py3.

The code is here and the latest package is here.

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