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I came home to a wide-open gate, which isn't abnormal (sometimes various mail delivery people leave the gate half open and the wind blows it all the way open). The wide-open front door was abnormal, though I've been known to forget things like that.

The completely rifled-through papers, drawers, etc., along with my missing guitars and laptop, however, were completely abnormal. And the wide open window in the back, now missing a screen.

My room is the largest mess; they rifled through everything but took little. A few things from the living room and a few things from the studio, and out the door they went.

So far, I've noticed they've stolen:
  1. Guitars
    1. Lethe: customized Fender Eric Clapton Signature Strat
      Translucent black-ish finish
      Serial number ? (that other number was my drivers license number =P ...)
      Headstock has the following inscription:
      to forget
      to have no need
      to forget
    2. Mazikeen: Fernandes Ravelle Elite
      Translucent red flamed maple top
      Serial number 0401583.
    3. Lydia: Fender Strat
      Black, white pickguard, scratch
    4. Inferno (front left): Fernandes Dragonfly Pro
      Translucent red curly maple top
      Heavily banged up: broken toggle switch, many scratches and dings.
  2. Computers:
    1. Sony Vaio 12", silver.
      Perhaps I have details on the serial number, model number, etc. somewhere.
    2. Sony Vaio 15", blue.
      Broken screen... no image.
  3. Sony PS/2
  4. Microsoft XBox
  5. Canon digicam, 3megapixel
  6. HP printer/scanner
  7. Airline carryon bag, laptop carrying backpack
  8. M-Audio Trigger Finger
Luckily I have great people around me and money in the bank. What I've really lost is a small amount of peace of mind, original sound files on my laptop, and the 12 years of history I had with Lethe. Everything else is replaceable or even upgradeable.

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