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First off, hats off to John Ford, who finished try server mobile builds. Now Firefox developers will have better insight as to whether their patch breaks Maemo and WinCE Fennec builds *before* the patch is committed.

Also, I was struck by how many builds now live on the Mobile tree. Only a handful of months ago (February), joduinn posted this to mark the second column on the tree. Now, the full set (noignore=1) of builds looks like this:

mobile tree

(Complete with oranges and broken 1.9.1 builds. We're working on that.)

Finally, this is possibly the end of the Nokia pedalboard, at least as it's currently set up. It's served its purpose well, and has been a definite attention-getter here in building K. But there's an air conditioned shelf reserved in the machine room for the n810s. I suppose we'll see if Windows Mobile devices take over the pedalboard or if I retire it from active mobile device duty.

nokia pedalboard nokia pedalboard nokia pedalboard nokia pedalboard

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