Oct. 6th, 2008 02:26 pm
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i think the thing i'm happiest about is that we took a cover that was blah (depeche mode's stripped; we've played it before but it definitely needed a kick in the ass), redid it, and despite the fact that mike was hesitant about doing it since he was singing sans vocal effects (technical difficulties + short soundcheck), the people i heard from loved it.
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black snake moan
black snake moan's final show

everything goes cold
everything goes cold

bella morte
bella morte

bella morte
bella morte





The rest are here. I went for the "delete the obviously unusable ones but keep the borderline shots 'cause I'm lazy" shotgun approach.

jill tracy

Jun. 12th, 2008 11:29 am
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Went to see Jill Tracy last night. Only passingly familiar with her work, but I like it. Surrounded by highly competent musicians. Fascinated with the drummer & Chapman Stick player (which I usually am not that into).

Also surrounded by tons of other photographers, most with pro rigs that made me feel like a poseur with my pro-am setup. Someday.

matty rue
Matty Rue

jill tracy
Jill Tracy


Full set here.

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Picked up an EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS which pretty much rounds out my EF-S lens collection. I figure it's cheaper than trying to round out my EF lens collection, and I'll most likely keep my camera as a 2nd camera if/when I pick up a full frame DSLR.

Where better to test it out? Drove down to the aquarium on Saturday and avoided swapping out lenses for the most part.

sea otter
Missed the sea otters last time. This time I caught them at feeding time.

fresh water otter
Cute fresh water otters again.

Now I'm wondering if the vignette effect is the lens or the lighting or my finger or what.


Rest are here.

Verdict? I miss a lot of the wider angle shots, but I have lenses for that. This lens let me push in a lot closer to those cute otters. And it was a lot easier to shoot around the people crowding in.

I also took it to the Hex Rx show on Sunday, but mostly relied on my trusty show lens there.

I think I need to try it on a photo walk.

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scar tissue
Scar Tissue


The rest are here.

Did you know the Nikon D3 goes to ISO 25600? Eye opening stuff for the low-light photographer struggling to find enough light at ISO 1600.

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That was a fun show. Hardest one to photograph yet, though, between the crowd and lighting.

miss derringer
Miss Derringer

(I've got better lit shots but I just like this one)

The rest are here.

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My name is Aki Sasaki, and I approve this photo.

slave unit

(See the rest of [ profile] elevatordown's photos here. Especially this one.)

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There were a few people with cameras and camcorders in the audience... [ profile] elevatordown pointed out we're now on YouTube.

Remember boys and girls, we're going to be playing in Vegas and SF this Friday and Sunday next, respectively: details.
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Friday, September 14

Slave Unit (myspace)
Missing Blind
plus guests

@ The Divebar (myspace)
3035 E. Tropicana Blvd, Suite E&F
Las Vegas, NV
details TBD


Sunday, September 23

Slave Unit(myspace)from Oakland, CA
TV(myspace)from Hanford, CA
Savi0r(myspace)from Sacramento, CA
Nihil Communication (maybe)(myspace)from San Francisco, CA
Guards of Metropolis(myspace)from Oslo, Norway / Portland, OR

@ Fat City (myspace)
314 11th St
San Francisco, CA
Early show: 4pm (doors at 3:30?); done by 9pm (Dirty Trixx Burlesque)
$5, 21+

Anyone have any suggestions as to places to spam to promote the Vegas show?

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i made it to the first half of the drop black sky / soil and eclipse show. first time i've tried to take show photos with this camera. it's its own special challenge, with the performers moving, the low light that can turn into bright light suddenly, and the fact that i hate using a flash.

drop black sky
drop black sky.
maybe my 4th time seeing them?
i like them quite a bit.

bad flash
this is why i hate using a flash.

soil and eclipse
soil and eclipse.
i'm 2-3 degrees separated from this band in a number of ways.

more pictures here.

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