Mar. 16th, 2009 10:54 pm
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After taking a look at Dan Chung's new Vimeo videos, I decided to look for other users' 5DmkII videos. Which led to the 5dmkII Vimeo group. Which led to a whole lot of wow.

Even now I don't really see myself making proper films. No screenplay, no character development, probably no dialogue. My discomfort with getting up close and personal with people extends from my photography (and life) into my ideas about film. My potential films, that is; I love other people's films over a wide spectrum. But I'd probably just film landscapes, moods, or abstracts and use them as a video backdrop to music. Whether music video or stage projection.

This idea certainly flavored the clips I chose to view:

  • Another car rig drive reminiscent of Lost Highway, especially with the Rammstein soundtrack. Great feel. Love this but I'd be nervous about my camera.

  • NIN - Burn from onstage in Melbourne. Outside of poor reactions to strobes that could just as likely be attributed to the fps translation, it's beautiful.

  • A shot up at the clouds and moon that definitely evokes a mood, especially full screen.

  • A macro video in the tidepools that makes me happy.

  • A time lapse in Antarctica that could have been taken with a still camera, but is beautiful.

  • A "filmish" look of someone playing guitar -- in which grain is not all bad, and is in fact very stylistically MTV-esque.

  • A more indie film drive, down the PCH.

  • Some great shots of Tokyo intercut with some inexplicable reoccuring clips of food conveyor belts.

  • The station -- film it, slow it down (no overcranking here).

  • The end of the world, an actual place in Norway, which starts beautifully.

  • Köln at night. Hm, this is the third video of his I like.

  • Orlando, practically a hotel commercial =)

  • Sledding, with speed variations and Portishead. I get so caught up in the song I almost don't notice when the imagery feel changes.

  • Seattle in the snow, where the song is just so right.

Hm, maybe I just want to travel ;-)

I haven't even seen half of the videos there! ... I don't expect to be good at this immediately, or ever, necessarily. I just think it'll be fun.


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I went to see The Fountain last night.

Trailers: Curse of the Golden Flower (the new Zhang Yimou flick) and Pan's Labyrinth have my attention. Perfume could be really good or really disappointing. I'll go see it.

(Hostel II: I'm not a fan of Eli Roth's at all, but I may end up watching this in the theaters anyway =P ... The fact that Letters From Iwo Jima was filmed back-to-back with Flags of Our Fathers makes both of them more interesting to me. Not sure if/when I'll watch though.)

[the rain starts falling harder outside and my mind sidesteps for a moment as i marvel at my capacity for being self-absorbed. meta-self-absorbed, even. i'd consider it a failing if it weren't such a defining part of me (..., i think to myself, pondering the inner workings of my self-absorption).]

[[if a sponge were self-absorbent, would it only absorb itself, or would it absorb other sponges? would it grow larger and take on the memories and abilities of the sponges it absorbed? would it be a cannibal sponge or a highlander sponge? would we end up with a huge there-can-be-only-one sponge that can both clean your kitchen and act as a contraceptive? and would that sponge be my father? (never!!!)]]

Evidently my mind has snapped somewhere. Perhaps while viewing The Fountain and its interweaving, era-spanning storylines. Though I have my theories about that.

Did I mention it was very good? Beautiful. Parts of it seemed more like a dance than a movie. Or a play. Or a visual piece of music, but that all got woven back into the story. A scene close to the end got a little "Oh no, this is getting a little too 2001" but I think it recovered.

on the way home.
blurry b/c i hadn't stepped up to iso 1600 yet, but i like this.

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