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black snake moan
black snake moan's final show

everything goes cold
everything goes cold

bella morte
bella morte

bella morte
bella morte





The rest are here. I went for the "delete the obviously unusable ones but keep the borderline shots 'cause I'm lazy" shotgun approach.

jill tracy

Jun. 12th, 2008 11:29 am
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Went to see Jill Tracy last night. Only passingly familiar with her work, but I like it. Surrounded by highly competent musicians. Fascinated with the drummer & Chapman Stick player (which I usually am not that into).

Also surrounded by tons of other photographers, most with pro rigs that made me feel like a poseur with my pro-am setup. Someday.

matty rue
Matty Rue

jill tracy
Jill Tracy


Full set here.

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scar tissue
Scar Tissue


The rest are here.

Did you know the Nikon D3 goes to ISO 25600? Eye opening stuff for the low-light photographer struggling to find enough light at ISO 1600.

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That was a fun show. Hardest one to photograph yet, though, between the crowd and lighting.

miss derringer
Miss Derringer

(I've got better lit shots but I just like this one)

The rest are here.

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...So the Armageddon Dildos/Inertia show was the best fucking time I've had at the same show with my guitar amp in a long fucking time.

Both bands' guitarists used it, and they sounded good. Like I told [ profile] holyfilament, "I don't need a new amp. My amp needs a new guitarist." Whatever. I just had fun bouncing around drunkenly.

Das Überlens didn't work so well at the Insect show, so I brought my trusty Fast Lens plus my Voted Most Likely to be Sold on Craigslist Lens.

... Which kicked ass. It's a slow lens; it only goes to f4.0 and at longer exposures with the zoom, the widest aperture available shrinks to f5.6. (I think I have my terminology right... whatever.) But it's got the largest zoom range of my lenses (which I used to good advantage), and the show was lit well enough that I managed pretty darn well with it. I think I'll hang on to it and bring it to more shows.


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Apr. 30th, 2007 02:58 am
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I had Friday off as a comp day for coming in in the late hours to kick a server. So I got quite a bit done in my to do list... was nice having everything within walking distance open.

I spent an insane amount of time on Saturday and Sunday watching the NFL draft. The NFL Network is like crack.

Then I went to see the Dawn of Ashes/Chemical Angel/Insect show... and was quite a bit more social than normal, probably annoyingly so, courtesy of four shots of Patron on a relatively empty stomach. Whoo whee.

Afterwards, me and my late night munchies found ourselves at a food joint of ill repute that rhymes with crack in the box. There was a gopher for the Kottonmouth Kings ahead of me, ordering fifty bucks worth of food. I found that amusing. And helped him out with the 20c he was short.

Note to self: the magic numbers are 1.4, 1600, 1/15"-1/25"

insect. their light show and energy really made them stand out.

+10 )
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i made it to the first half of the drop black sky / soil and eclipse show. first time i've tried to take show photos with this camera. it's its own special challenge, with the performers moving, the low light that can turn into bright light suddenly, and the fact that i hate using a flash.

drop black sky
drop black sky.
maybe my 4th time seeing them?
i like them quite a bit.

bad flash
this is why i hate using a flash.

soil and eclipse
soil and eclipse.
i'm 2-3 degrees separated from this band in a number of ways.

more pictures here.

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