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I still have mixed feelings about Chandra giving away all of her art.

It's sad in that one of my favorite artists isn't going to be making any more sculptures or painting any more paintings. But in a way, she stopped making any large pieces after her first eviction five years ago.

So when she told me she was being evicted from her current studio and that I could take my pick of artwork, I rented a van and rescued what art I could from the scrap heap.

The move day was a bit draining, and the inevitable clutter in Loft Ness made me feel a bit uncertain whether I had taken too much. But now that I've rearranged things, and began spring cleaning to make more room, I'm very happy to be surrounded by Chandra's art.

Chandra's art

Chandra's art Chandra's art

Chandra's art

Chandra's art Chandra's art

Chandra's art

(more here)

art sale

May. 5th, 2006 06:01 pm
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Chandra is having a moving sale til she moves (eviction) at the end of May:

Some items you will find on sale:

-Lots of art, two and three dimensional, large and small, both fine and functional.

-Art tables, an easel, a taboret, art studio stools, materials and tools.

-Antique, thought provoking, disturbing, silly, surreal, nostalgic and otherwise art objects of every description.

-Books, magazines

-Collage materials

-An antique slide projector in excellent condition.

-A computer monitor in great condition.

-A refrigerator in marvelous condition.

-An electronic typewriter that works like a dream.


**********************AND MORE! ALL AT SUBLIME PRICES *************

Please call soon to come see (510) 534-4751

I'm going to go to say hi and possibly find some stuffs to decorate the new place, if/when I get it.

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Today I visited Chandra... there's Open Studios, plus Chandra's having an eviction sale. =(

We talked for a bit, then I looked wistfully at the great many pieces that I'd love to own. Then I had the brilliant idea of doing my Giftmas shopping here...

... I actually spent more than maybe I should have. But it's for a good cause. And I purchased my favorite piece of hers. The SLR and new music toys can wait.


by Chandra Garsson
With glare from the flash =P
This is for my brother.

adam and eve xvii )

portrait of an artist )

Lachesis )

Lachesis + Coffin )

My foyer (coffin + arise + insect legs + lachesis) )

You can still catch most of her art in her studio tomorrow! Go! (She's at Dutch Boy)

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