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This won't be til the weekend of October 26... the Mission weekend, which is usually my favorite. Plenty of great artists to find nearby, or en route, even if they aren't listed here...

Doug Rhodes (artspan)
Acrylics, mixed media, eyeballs
23 Clarion Alley, SF, CA. 94110

Natasha Dikareva (artspan)
shell dweller sculptures
Workspace Ltd.
2150 Folsom Street, Studio 12, San Francisco, CA

Dalaram Farzaneh (artspan)
paintings, mixed media
Workspace Ltd.
2150 Folsom Street, Studio 7B, San Francisco, CA

Ann Simms (artspan)
abstract paintings
Workspace Ltd.
2150 Folsom Street, Studio 11, San Francisco, CA

Hilla Hueber (artspan)
pen, ink, graphite
1890 Bryant St Studios
1890 Bryant Street, Studio: #210 San Francisco, CA 94110

Melissa Phillips (artspan)
photos + paintings
Art Explosion - 17th Street Studios 2425 17th Street, Studio 155/156 San Francisco, CA 94110

Rodney Ewing (artspan)
Pen + ink
2476 Harrison Street-Lower Unit, SF, CA. 94110

Phillip Dvorak (artspan)
nude figures
1113 Hampshire Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Claudia Biçen (artspan)
portrait paintings
3156 24th Street San Francisco, CA 94110

Belinda Chlouber (artspan)
mixed media
Asterisk SF Gallery
3156 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110

Silvi Alcivar (artspan)
Secession Art & Design
3361 Mission Street San Francisco, CA

HumanTreeRobot (artspan)
solitary subject paintings
Secession Art & Design
3361 Mission Street San Francisco, CA

Google Map of these locations

full list of weekend 2 artists
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This won't be til the weekend of October 19... I'm just excited ;-)

I totally found a new gallery and an artist that reminds me of Chandra! And here I thought this weekend would be another Fort Mason trip and that's it. Silly me.

Dianne Hoffman (artspan)
collage & assemblage art; mixed media; reminds me of Chandra :)
776 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA. 94102

Mia Lobel (artspan)
SMAart Gallery
1045 Sutter Street San Francisco, CA 94109

doubleparlour (artspan)
hand-formed resin sculptures
Modern Eden Gallery
403 Francisco St., San Francisco, CA. 94133

Bradley Platz (artspan)
classical symbolic paintings + tarnished modernity
Modern Eden Gallery (co-owner)
403 Francisco St., San Francisco, CA. 94133

=== fort mason ===

Harvey Abernathey (artspan)
night photography
The Nocturnes
Fort Mason

Linda Fitch (artspan)
night photography
The Nocturnes
Fort Mason

Greta & Manu Schnetzler (artspan)
night photography
The Nocturnes
Fort Mason

Roxanne Worthington (artspan)
night photography
The Nocturnes
Fort Mason

Alison Heath (artspan)
flower art
Fort Mason

Google Map of these locations

full list of weekend 1 artists


Oct. 2nd, 2011 01:07 pm
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If you only make it to one Open Studios stop a year, make it 1890 Bryant (SF, weekend 1).

I only made it to one Open Studios stop this weekend, and saw:

I missed Peggy Gyulai for the second time, but it looks like she has an open exhibition at 201 California that I might check out later.

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This year my energy and attention are definitely elsewhere; I admire the me of years past.

Just in case I manage to visit some open studios before the Patriots-at-Raiders game:

1890 Bryant St is always a gold mine of art:

Robert Reed (artspan)

Peggy Gyulai (artspan)

499 Alabama St

Victor Cartagena (artspan)

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I still have mixed feelings about Chandra giving away all of her art.

It's sad in that one of my favorite artists isn't going to be making any more sculptures or painting any more paintings. But in a way, she stopped making any large pieces after her first eviction five years ago.

So when she told me she was being evicted from her current studio and that I could take my pick of artwork, I rented a van and rescued what art I could from the scrap heap.

The move day was a bit draining, and the inevitable clutter in Loft Ness made me feel a bit uncertain whether I had taken too much. But now that I've rearranged things, and began spring cleaning to make more room, I'm very happy to be surrounded by Chandra's art.

Chandra's art

Chandra's art Chandra's art

Chandra's art

Chandra's art Chandra's art

Chandra's art

(more here)
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I kept things brief due to general exhaustion from a long week, but I managed to see maybe half of the artists I listed for weekend 1, and a bunch of other artists as well.

1890 Bryant was again a treasure trove of amazing artists and art. I loved K.B. Young's paintings of the ocean. Liz Hickok's jello art was whimsical and intriguing. Sean Poreda's bronze anatomical sculptures reminded me of Lovecraft's Shub-Niggurath. And Michael Kerbow's meat maps reminded me of the sloth demon's abominations in Dragon Age. Yeah, I'm sophisticated like that.

On to weekend 2:

SOMA Artist Studios, 689 Bryant St

Erika Meriaux (Artspan) (site)
Modern mythology paintings

Kristina Quinones (Artspan) (site)
Abstract paintings

Melissa Wagner (Artspan) (site) (facebook) (blogspot)
Nature mixed media
Studio 102B, 185 Clara Street

+7 )

Mythological scenes in modern garb seems to be a theme this weekend.

Weekend 2 Google map

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SF Open Studios is here again!

Last year I didn't go at all, despite my long tradition of having done so. Artspan brought back the browse-by-weekend links, yay!

As always, this is a list of artists I want to see this weekend, sorted geographically. There are plenty more this weekend; take a look. Some of the best finds are [unlisted] artists I stumble upon while wandering around looking for another artist on my list.

June Li (Artspan) (site)
Art Explosion - 17th St Studios, 2425 17th St

1890 Bryant St Studios, 1890 Bryant St

Sevilla Granger (Artspan) (site)
Tree paintings/brushwork

Lee Cline (Artspan) (site)
Bird/horse paintings

Eric Cheng (Artspan) (site1) (site2) (facebook)
Underwater photography
375 Alabama St, Suite 100

+11 )

Weekend 1 Google map


Jun. 6th, 2009 11:34 pm
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Woke late, headed out late, and caught 10 specific artists (plus a lot more) in a little over three hours. Afterwards, I *was* going to grab dinner, but ended up passing out cold on the couch.

I needed that.

If you can't do the full thing but want to check out a handful of artists in the East Bay: Pat Payne's metal bird sculptures in Alameda are worth seeing. David Platford's contemporary landscapes are wonderful; I could have spent an afternoon with them. The same goes for Della Heywood's ink + pastel work; she clears her mind for the first gesture in ink, then visualizes something and pastels over the ink.

The full circuit definitely has its charms too. That's part of what makes me keep doing this.

As for GPS in both my car and phone: I was thinking about how it was once part of the full experience getting lost, in my truck, cursing my map printouts and hastily scrawled notes, then eventually deciding that that particular artist wasn't that high of a priority to see. Overall though... I'm a fan and don't miss not having GPS at all =)

I think I'll head out for dinner soon, now that I'm recovered from my mandatory nap.

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Hiro emailed me about this art opening in Culver City... I'm really not the whimsical LA trip type, but it's tempting.

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andy goldsworthy's faultline
andy goldsworthy's faultline

cornelia parker's anti-mass
cornelia parker's anti-mass

( +21 )
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I very nearly forgot: October is SF Open Studios. (Thanks SFGate!)
Luckily the first weekend is just previews; this weekend is Fort Mason time.

(just in time)

Quickly browsed the weekend's artists. It's cool seeing some of their new work; it's like I know them, in a way. Kind of. Er, not really... I don't know them at all. But it's cool.

Some other artists away from Fort Mason I may want to check out:

Chris Mallwat (artspan)

Mirena Rhee (artspan)

Mike Tiktinsky (artspan)

My DVR is just going to have to watch football without me =)

weekend 5

Nov. 4th, 2007 03:01 pm
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The Hunter's Point Open Studios was a bit exhausting... due in part to the heat, the crowd, and possibly the fact that I didn't know if there were any more personally exciting artists to look forward to.

I did find some good artists though.

alberto ybarra
Alberto Ybarra
's art was very evocative in its familiar yet visually and emotionally twisted scenes. I liked this one the best.

Irena Kononova
's massive canvases (this one is an inch shorter than me) draw you in and the ubiquitous water (rivers, ponds) depicted shimmer. Perhaps that's the marble dust.

I also admired Jie Zhou's near-photographic oils of European architecture reflected upon the water, and Rhonel Roberts' jazz musicians.

End of the SF Open Studios. Maybe next weekend is aquarium time.

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My neighbors are way into Hallowe'en. Which is cool, but I didn't join the festivities in the lavishly decorated courtyard because I don't have a costume this year, again. Also, I'm an antisocial fucker.

Tomorrow I'm going to work in street clothes, and maybe a quiet evening. Or catch a movie. I may get back into the spirit of All Hallow's Eve again some year.

On Friday I was feeling a bit restless and thought about skipping the whole Open Studios bit for a spontaneous last minute trip: Monterey. Reno. Vancouver. On Saturday, I decided to stick with the original plan, and I'm extremely glad I did so.

Friendly and cool people that I felt comfortable talking to; perhaps having seen and appreciated their art gave a better common ground than I usually stand on. Some beautiful beautiful art, some of which was so much better in person than in jpegs, some of which I wouldn't have seen at all if I hadn't been visiting that particular art studio. Some awesome places: the utter urban decay of the Noonan Building; the secret insides of neighbors' buildings that I had never seen; the clutter of art collective warehouses; the utter poshness of a seven-figure loft two blocks from me.

A small list of new favorite artists from the past few weekends: Ani Lucia Thompkins' abstracted figure silhouette-sized paintings. Brian Andrews' intricate totemic wood sculptures, not for sale, seven months' worth of labor each. Elana Kundell's layered emotional spaces, almost a scar on the canvas; I was a bit bummed to hear she lives in SoCal. Kimberly Weinberg's fabric paintings; I hadn't even put her on my list, so it was a pleasure finding her art. Jenn Porreca's character art, predominantly the dark haired girl with the keyhole on her cheek. Audrey Heller's photos of Lilliputians. And so many more.

Jenn Porreca invited me to a show, Heavy Hitterz, with 80 international [mostly graffiti] artists at a venue that's about to be torn down in a couple weeks. She's way cool; so's her fiance, who makes ambient instrumental hip hop.

I suppose I'll see how I feel about a big graffiti art opening after getting back from Hunter's Point.

While visiting the Noonan Building and other studios, I decided I was stupid for having left my camera at home... so many "escape windows", so many images of urban decay.

The camera on the iPhone is pretty good, though.

not my car escape window
(more here)

On Sunday I caught the rest of the Open Studios I had missed, then picked up this camera bag, which is awesome and holds everything I need securely without being too unwieldy, and went back to take some pictures with my Jack and Macro lenses. I still like the iPhone pics though, for their particular personality.

It was odd though; I feel distinctly uncomfortable taking photos around other people's art since they make their livings on their imagery. I did ask for and receive permission to take some photos out the windows of one third-story studio at the Noonan Building, however, which I was happy about. I should have done HDR or added the flash for the frame, but whatever.

I was going to compile another list of artists I want to see for this, the final weekend of the SF Open Studios; a bit of time spent during the week helps make the weekend stress-free and fun. But everyone's in eight adjacent buildings @ Hunter's Point this weekend; no need for a map. And maybe some spontaneity and the unexpected will be good. Surprise me.

weekend 4

Oct. 23rd, 2007 06:56 pm
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It'll be cool seeing some of the studios and art in my neighborhood. SF Open Studios weekend 4, eastern SF, again with addresses for easy iPhone navigation:

  • audrey heller Audrey Heller (website)
    photography; miniature people with life-sized things

  • +15 )
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    Out of the 249 artists listed on ArtSpan for this weekend (plus a couple unlisted ones), these caught my eye (with addresses through the weekend, for ease of iPhone navigation):

  • ani lucia thompkins Ani Lucia Thompkins (website)
    Abstract / figure painting

  • mustafa alami Mustafa Alami (website)
    Cute cartoony paintings

  • brian andrews Brian Andrews (website)
    Wood sculpture

  • +17 )

    As always, I doubt I'll get to all of them, and I'll probably stop in at a studio or ten that aren't here, often due to proximity.

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    It's that time again; this time it's the Oakland and surrounding cities East Bay Open Studios.

    I got tired of judging the artists off a teeny tiny little thumbnail (or absence thereof), so I decided to click on every single artist and google if they didn't bother to post a jpeg or a link of some sort. Phew!

    This is the list of artists I'm interested in checking out (definitely some more than others), sorted by city:

    36/400+ artists; so much searching! )

    Ok, I don't want to have to do that again anytime soon. =P ... Still, there are so many artists' studios I really need to see now, many of whom I would never have found without this labor intensive search.

    I found my once-upon-a-time favorite artist on the web today... maybe I'll go check out her studio the next Napa/Sonoma Open Studios. Her paintings have all gotten very happy and bright, but there are still flashes of the old darker stuff I loved.

    escapewindow: escape window (Default)

    It's been a while since my last Open Studios adventure, so I went looking online for information.

    SF is in October again. The East Bay, the first two weekends in June. Marin, last weekend and this weekend [!] ... And I didn't even know there was a Silicon Valley Open Studios (first 3 weekends in May; you'd think they'd try to organize these so they don't overlap).

    Judging by the thumbnails on the websites, there are just way too many Marin and Silicon Valley artists' studios I want to see.

    Chances are slim I'll catch 'em all, since I'll only have tomorrow afternoon to visit a bunch of places in the North and South Bay. Artists I've already missed seeing last weekend:

    even more )

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