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(Resuming the shorter blog posts about features in the new vcs sync process...)

After I enabled beagle conversions in cron, I started getting some intermittent non-fastforward emails. When I poked around, I noticed that some changes had landed on GECKO90_2011121217_RELBRANCH on mozilla-release, but not mozilla-beta. When syncing mozilla-release, the tip of this branch stayed in place; when syncing mozilla-beta, the tip of this branch was behind several commits, resulting in a non-fastforward push. We'll continue to see problems like this, if we sync branches with shared names, across mercurial repos, which contain different histories, but we're good for now.

I was able to solve this by transplanting some changesets, and I recorded my actions for this and one other branch here.

(This is more a blog post about manual investigation+actions taken after automated emails highlighted the issue, rather than a feature of the new vcs sync process, but the emails themselves were key...)

:bhearsum filed filed bug 924024 (kill relbranches), which should help reduce the frequency of this happening.


Date: 2013-10-25 04:19 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Hrm, I guess if the relbranches are going away, then I'd need to look harder to figure out the revisions that (mostly) map to the firefox release tags. Might have to go back to using mercurial; I don't see anything other than mozilla-release (i.e. the last release, as opposed to some specific version such as firefox 23) in repo_update.json.

Don't worry, I know that your primary job is to ship the branches for FirefoxOS, not random people like me just grabbing the equivalent of release tarballs.

-- Mook

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