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[i: technical difficulties]

OH! So, Jason of We Got This Far told me he was having technical difficulties at the 16 volt show at the [profile] dnalounge, and he later found out that he was plugged into a lighting outlet. That they turn on and off. To control the lights.


This could possibly, maybe, potentially explain the technical difficulties I had at the second [profile] blacksnakemoan DNA show. Gah.

No, I mean it. Gah!

[ii: consumer whore, bass]

Continuing my consumer whore thread... I've kind of been lusting after a 5 string Status Graphite S2 Classic. With the front and side LEDs, of course.

The graphite neck is what I'm most drawn to. (And the LEDs. Ooh, shiny!) I've got a couple dead spots on my neck that wouldn't be as big an issue if they weren't both D, including the low D that I use so much.

Then I put the green neon tape back on my BTB and strung it with Power Slinkys... between the thick strings, 35" scale, and my 50¢ piece picks it sounds and feels good. And the dead spots aren't as noticeable when things are cranking.

A fix for less than $30, as opposed to over $4k? Sounds like Slave Unit to me =)

[iii: certificate of participation]

Speaking of Slave Unit, the remix cd Certificate of Participation is out now! It'll be available on CDBaby and iTunes shortly, but until then contact your local Slave Unit member.

It's comprised entirely of remixes from The Battle for Last Place, featuring remixes by Bloodwire, SMP and Cyanotic. And me! I did the Go and Etched remixes. Sorry in advance.

I'm not sure if the below is the final cover, but I'm posting it anyway.

... There. Three posts in one. Maybe I'm warmed up enough to do a work-related one.


Jun. 19th, 2008 09:45 pm
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bsm slave unit news

black snake moan
slave unit
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i'm not sure i ever saw the full set of these.

i always wondered what i looked like from that angle.

i'm not really digging the shirt though.
i think that's getting tossed if i haven't tossed it already.

apparently i'm counting to four on my right hand while playing the song with my left.


that was just a short seventeen months ago. how things change.

k, i need to get my ass into bed.

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Took the day off so I can leisurely prepare for the show tonight.

It's my final Black Snake Moan show. And yes, I'm giving away my Hello Kitty guitar. I decided to take some pics before she goes bye bye.

hello kitty!
bye bye hello kitty

+2 )
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Wednesday, July 11.
Voodoo Lounge.
San Jose.
With Insect and Lost Fawn.
My final Black Snake Moan performance.
I will be GIVING AWAY the infamous HELLO KITTY guitar!

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mr rumble

I spent the past few days outlining the structure of the Curtains remix. Still not done.

It's a good sign when the unfinished scratch rhythm tracks make me want to lay down solos for days. And bounce around the house despite the heat.

That's the problem. I want to get this one perfect, and I'm going to want to extend it to 10 minutes or so. Hopefully I'll come to my senses at some point and cut the church organ solo and some of the piano bits. Or maybe I'll just release two versions: the radio friendly mix and the overly gratuitous extended mix.

Still, at this pace I doubt I'll finish before the end of the month. But I'm looking forward to it.

Also. The Melodyne plugin? Slow going and a bit tedious and frustrating. And I think I'll be [over][ab]using it on just about everything until I decide I've hit the proverbial wall.

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This weekend Black Snake Moan will be holing up in the studio, recording the followup to Tension. The recording/mixing/mastering/pressing process should take quite a bit of time, but we hope to hammer out the bulk of it over the weekend.

Soon afterwards, we will be taking the stage with BettyX.

(Thursday April 12, DNA Lounge).

Details here.

flyer )

In semi-unrelated news, the new Slave Unit album, The Battle for Last Place, should be available in the next couple weeks (according to the MySpace page).

This is the first full-length Slave Unit release since 1996 [!].

The Battle for Last Place

Shawn did a bang up job with that cover.

...I contributed nil to this record, but it kicks serious tail so I recommend you get your hands on a copy anyway.


Nov. 6th, 2006 06:31 pm
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Some quick and jumbled thoughts on the Sunday show:

- I was as nervous as I've been for a show in a long, long time.

- That was the first Black Snake Moan show, ever, where I've been complimented more on my guitar playing (many times over) than on my Hello Kitty guitar (not once!) Quite pleased with this, and the overwhelming positive feedback we've received overall.

- I had several fuckups, including two fairly noticeable ones. But overall the show was tight and fun-though-nervewracking. I think I'll be writing a solo for Pinholes and sticking to that from now on.

- Sevin from the band Columbine is cool and way friendly, and his band seems pretty fascinating as well. They didn't play in SF due to the local-showness (instead they joined P9 onstage) but they're playing the rest of the tour; bet they're fun to watch live. I was glad to be able to help them out with some technical issues before the show.

- Haven't heard the album, but judging from the live show, Psyclon has definitely graduated from the hard EBM family with this one.

- Great seeing Finn out. Kind of odd but cool playing in front of people I recognize from clubs, since I tend to go clubbing with my cloak of utter antisocial behavior wrapped tight. Geoffrey and Billy rock. As do all the random people who stopped by to mention how much they enjoyed the set. You're only encouraging us to play more gigs and write more songs, people. I'd have thought you'd have learned your lesson by now.

- Someone grabbed my setlist off the stage right after we finished our set. I think it's cool they wanted it that bad ;-)

- I made sure to thank Devon for the awesome sound after our set. The mix sounded great onstage and I wanted to make sure he knew it was appreciated.

- I was so hyped from the show that I was completely unable to fall asleep until about 6:30am. I think that's the good kind of insomnia.

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the bay was beautiful this morning. sunlight glistening off silvery blue waters that met low hanging clouds darkening into grey. the east bay was silhouetted in fog; the san mateo bridge almost a broken down pier in the distance on which you could spend a quiet and solitary morning with a fishing pole and your innermost thoughts.


Oct. 26th, 2006 09:27 pm
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i. After a long enough shower, the steam flowing out of the bathroom is thick enough to set off my mezzanine smoke detector. So far I've scrambled for my stepladder (wearing a towel, dripping wet) twice.

Mmm, scrambled. I want eggs. And toast! With butter or jelly. Or french toast. Or waffles. It's been months since I've had breakfast. I think it's about time. .ii

iii. [ profile] elevatordown took some great pics of us at Annie's... here. And the comments are funny. Badger was right, it looks like I'm playing through three Marshall half stacks.

We're playing at the DNA Lounge on Nov 5 with Psyclon Nine. It'll be my first time playing there. Exciting. .iv

v. Life is extremely busy and not just a little bit crazy right now.

Weekend. Come to Butthead.

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johnny v's flyer

to be crossposted to [ profile] blacksnakemoan.

... still have one extra massive attack/dj shadow ticket.
and evidently not much else to say.
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First, two of ours:

Isadora + Black Snake Moan + guests
@ Johnny V's in San Jose
Sunday October 1, $5, 21+

Seraphim Shock + Black Snake Moan
(a House of Voodoo event)
@ Annie's Social Club in San Francisco
Tuesday October 24, cover TBA, 21+

Massive Attack + DJ Shadow this Friday at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. I've never seen Massive Attack but I heart Mezzanine and 100th Window muchly. And DJ Shadow put on a fucking brilliant show the last time. (Yes, they're playing with Paul Oakenfold this Saturday at the Bill Graham, but that place is much too large for my taste.)

Anyway, I've got three (3) extra tickets to the Berkeley show... Let me know if you want to go.

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[i: you've got red on you]: There's no denying it; I'm addicted to Urban Dead. (Deniability dropped to nil once I installed two of the Firefox extensions.) You might think I'm all about being a zombie, but I've got two active characters, both survivors. One's a military scout that's been scrounging up first aid kits, fuel cans, ammo, and a fire axe (among other things), and is about to start hacking up some zombies. The other's a doctor who's been healing other survivors... and is about to learn how to revive zombies.

[ii: shows]: Not one, but two shows for August.

Thursday, August 10:


Show starts at 9
21+, $2

Friday, August 25:

The Pound SF

Doors at 8, show at 8:30
All Ages
$8 advance, $10 door

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I was really nervous before this one; I think it was just out of my comfort zone. Our previous gigs (Pound + Blakes) were at venues and in cities that I knew well. This one was unknown.

I think the crowd was kind of just there for the most part... there for the social aspect and not really for music. The people who got into it got really into it though. And a cute girl gave me one of these:

which rocks. Hello Kitty will be to me as Mighty Mouse is to Tommy Lee. I'll have to get a tat and everything.

The next BSM show should be a non-outrageously priced gig in the city late next month. More later.
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[i reading assignment]:

for the thinking person )

[ii images]: some photos for you:

refreshment in loft ness

+2 )

[iii upon further viewing of our latest show video]: we're f'n rockstars!!!

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drop black sky
drop black sky, dna lounge, sf

[i] I caught the Drop Black Sky show last night after watching the opening acts on the DNA webcam. I've been a fan since the first time I saw them at StudioZ. Bought a copy of their new cd... I'm predicting they'll go far.

A performance painter, Norton Wisdom, painted on a backlit canvas during the first half of their set. It was fascinating watching him take a bold, broad stroke of the brush and texture it into something recognizable in a matter of seconds.

more pics from last night )

[ii] Black Snake Moan will be playing a show at the Pound on Saturday, May 20. We will be unveiling one or two new songs in *addition* to the two new songs we played at our Blake's gig.

According to the Pound SF box office site, the current show info is:

Lizzy Borden
Sinister Farmers Big Machine
Black Snake Moan

Pound SF
Doors 7:30, show 8:30
$20 advance, $25 door
All Ages

... This is the first I've heard about the show's lineup and details; we initially thought it would be a Down Factor show.

I'm pretty sure we can pick up new fans here. And we're all itching to play. We're still trying to find gigs in the Sacramento, Concord, and/or South Bay areas as well.

[iii] My house looks amazing:

my photos

my realtor's photos

I concentrated on particular details that interested/amused me; she concentrated on presenting the entire sense of the house.

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After a week of rehearsals and flyering at clubs and TKK, my 1pm wakeup was decadent but much needed. Comics and Pho rounded out the non-show portion of the day; then it was changing/stretching strings, doing my nails, then off to the rehearsal studio.

green slime
green slime is taking over soundwave ... [!]

...where the lights were out in the freight elevator. Total Aliens killing zone. We managed not to die though, and we loaded up and headed over to Blake's, where I promptly put my camera in my coat pocket and forgot about it for the rest of the night. So one last picture:

alien elevators, unexpected roadies, badger's real name, the show )

I'm completely optimistic that we've already passed the difficult hurdle of attaining our core fanbase; they'll show up to shows and we'll make new fans every time we play. I'm crossing my fingers for hitting consistent triple digit draw by the end of summer. I think it's possible. But right now I'm going to concentrate on improving my own playing and getting back to writing songs.

... After I finish this glass of absinthe and read some more Greg Rucka. Nice lazy Sunday in my three day weekend =)

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