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[i: technical difficulties]

OH! So, Jason of We Got This Far told me he was having technical difficulties at the 16 volt show at the [profile] dnalounge, and he later found out that he was plugged into a lighting outlet. That they turn on and off. To control the lights.


This could possibly, maybe, potentially explain the technical difficulties I had at the second [profile] blacksnakemoan DNA show. Gah.

No, I mean it. Gah!

[ii: consumer whore, bass]

Continuing my consumer whore thread... I've kind of been lusting after a 5 string Status Graphite S2 Classic. With the front and side LEDs, of course.

The graphite neck is what I'm most drawn to. (And the LEDs. Ooh, shiny!) I've got a couple dead spots on my neck that wouldn't be as big an issue if they weren't both D, including the low D that I use so much.

Then I put the green neon tape back on my BTB and strung it with Power Slinkys... between the thick strings, 35" scale, and my 50¢ piece picks it sounds and feels good. And the dead spots aren't as noticeable when things are cranking.

A fix for less than $30, as opposed to over $4k? Sounds like Slave Unit to me =)

[iii: certificate of participation]

Speaking of Slave Unit, the remix cd Certificate of Participation is out now! It'll be available on CDBaby and iTunes shortly, but until then contact your local Slave Unit member.

It's comprised entirely of remixes from The Battle for Last Place, featuring remixes by Bloodwire, SMP and Cyanotic. And me! I did the Go and Etched remixes. Sorry in advance.

I'm not sure if the below is the final cover, but I'm posting it anyway.

... There. Three posts in one. Maybe I'm warmed up enough to do a work-related one.


Jun. 19th, 2008 09:45 pm
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bsm slave unit news

black snake moan
slave unit
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i'm not sure i ever saw the full set of these.

i always wondered what i looked like from that angle.

i'm not really digging the shirt though.
i think that's getting tossed if i haven't tossed it already.

apparently i'm counting to four on my right hand while playing the song with my left.


that was just a short seventeen months ago. how things change.

k, i need to get my ass into bed.

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Took the day off so I can leisurely prepare for the show tonight.

It's my final Black Snake Moan show. And yes, I'm giving away my Hello Kitty guitar. I decided to take some pics before she goes bye bye.

hello kitty!
bye bye hello kitty

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Gavin kicks out the jams

paige and badger
Paige works on his setlist while Badger thumps out the bottom end

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