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A lot's happened since mozharness 0.4 landed in late September. We:

  • added a bunch of Android native support.
  • rolled peptest out to production on Try, across all desktop test platforms.
  • improved mozharness virtualenv support, with real-life mozbase usage in peptest.
  • fixed actions-in-config-files.
  • separated the output parser from ShellMixin.run_command(), so we can
    • parse output from subprocess or get_output_from_command(),
    • eventually add context lines to output parsing, and
    • potentially split serial tasks into multiple parallel jobs with their own log parsing.
  • added chunking support to split up jobs across machines.
  • added query_exe() and which() support to specify or find executables.
  • added add_failure(), query_failure(), and summarize_success_count() support to track granular status across a list of tasks.
  • added a BuildbotMixin and ReleaseMixin to tie into our existing buildbot infrastructure/configs.
  • precompiled the error_list regexes.
  • made various OSMixin and ShellMixin method improvements.
  • added a
  • added a pyflakes call and Debian/Ubuntu support to
  • moved mozilla-specific modules into mozharness.mozilla.*.
  • retired Maemo scripts (Maemo tier 3).

This feels like an as-good-as-any time to arbitrarily increment the arbitrary version number: mozharness 0.5.

I think the best part of this release is how more people got involved; I can feel the momentum building. I certainly don't want to wait another 5 months before the next arbitrary version bump.

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